♥ u touch them . u die ♥

hello stalkers 

welcome to my page for my all lovely . this the place for them . the one that i very love . and at any time and any time i will always remember them . just them  wanna know who ? check it out ~

my family 
iwan *adeq no 5
fatihah *adeq no 6
* tak lupe juga pada cousin gadis

my friends 
2B family : all the boys and the girls


who's next ?

BBB family 
lovely great-parents :
who's next ?

lovely grandmother :
grandma *ain fadhilah
grandma *wana
who's next ?

lovely grandfather :
who's next ?

lovely mama :
mama *addina
who's next ?

lovely papa :
who's next ?

lovely sister :
sys *ilya
sys *fasha
kakakkurus *aneyz
sys *tasha
sister *aisyah emir
sister *nisha
sister *nana kemetot
sister *aimi nadhirah
sys *myzs yana
adeq shomel *syaf syafiqah
adeq *sarah
adeq *ainatul
adeq *aina
adeq *are rif
who's next ?

lovely brother :
abang long *wan hazel
bro *afyq
who's next ?

cousin :
cousin *hanani
cousin yang comel *faezah
who's next ?

others :
who's next ?

  that's all that i want to tell/show u all . please don't hurt or make them sad . they all are my lovely one    

kalau dha bace , sila like or komen yaww , terima kasih .

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p-qa said...

wah..tengs syg..=)

princess d0UbLe F said...

no biggie darl :)

aina 4ever said...

auw awu , thanks dear .. iloveyoumoreee ♥ ♥

princess d0UbLe F said...

yeah :)
love ♥ ♥ ♥